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B2B Infographic Premier Services
Website home image slider 1 BBB approval
B2B Sales Flyer

B2B Sales Flyer

November 4, 2017

Post Tradeshow Event B2B Email
Informational Brochure Cover

B2B Brochure

November 4, 2017

ICS website About Us page top screen
Corporate and Program Logos
Corporate Icons
financial calculator mobile app splash screen
Case Study Cover
Logo refinement in color and detail
Brand Guidelines Cover
Advertising image retouched and environment added
Responsive WordPress Blog Home Page desktop view
Retouched image for use in conference theatre
Responsive email for vendor audience
Retouched image in use at McD Conference
Holiday ad for a dog training service
McD in Walmart during show entry view one
Photo site design for Eric Miller Photography

Concept Ad

April 10, 2014

photograph, Duomo in Florence, Italy
Elmhurst historical calendar, top layout for 1980s
Gaetano's one-page, responsive web site concept home image
Warrior Bootcamp jQuery project home
Parago concept branding project all items